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    Moving rich:upload and its a4j:support

    Balázs Németh Newbie



      I have a list of rows where one can write a comment and attach some files. I had to generate the whole list from Java code and use binding. But since I didn't want to render an input box with rich:fileupload (flash component) N times, I though that I render an input box only once and then when the user wants to add a reply, I move the input box with jQuery to the appropriate position.


      The strange thing I experienced is that the a4j:support event=onuploadcomplete added to the rich:fileupload is fired TWICE after I move the element. I tried it without moving and it works flawless that way.


      Does somebody any idea what causes that phenomenon?


      Any help is appreciated!


      I use RichFaces 3.3.