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    Creating consumers in AS6/HornetQ 2.1.2

    John Ament Master

      Hi there


      So, I'm far from an expert on the JMS APIs, however I ran in to something that I think should work, but doesn't seem to using HornetQ.  Suppose that I create a topic on the AS, I can write messages to that topic and verify that they get there in the AS 6 console.  However, When I programmatically register the listener, it seems as though my code never gets invoked.


      I created a public gist of what I'm doing.  Essentially, I'm implementing the mesage listener interface and creating a CDI bean out of it (since MDBs can't be CDI enhanced).  While I can see that it gets registered, I don't see any messages going to the bean.  Does this example just not work?