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    rich:extendedDataTable super slow


      Hello everyone.

      I just switched from rich:dataTable to rich:extendedDataTable and the performances are terrible.

      After all my java process, the page needs at least 30 more seconds to load entirely, and my site is deployed on my local jboss, and it happens even when there is no data !

      I use richfaces 3.3.1.GA, seam 2.1.1.GA (i'm not sure if it's relevant, but seam is not ultra fast either)

      Here's a portion of my table :

      <r:extendedDataTable id="transactionList" value="#{transactions}" var="tr" rows="100" height="600px" rowClasses="deal_ligne_impaire, deal_ligne_paire"
       selectedClass="deal_list_selected_row" headerClass="deal_list_header">

      And then 40 rich:column.

      What am i doing wrong ? How can i improve, in any way, these perfs ? I really like the features of this tag.