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    Verify Error: Inconsistent args_size for opc_invokeinterface

    kingpin Newbie

      I have been trying to generate some dynamic codes (Using Javassist) but program fails at a certain point when involving a double array or float array. The code is as follows

      Class c = Customers.class; // called in main & Customer class just has a double[] Dubs = new double[10]
      CreateType(c); // Main
      public static Object CreateType(Class genericType)
              // some preReq declarations
              CtMethod writeCode = dyn.getDeclaredMethod("processCode");
              generateCode(genericType, Code, "temp"); // Code is a StringBuilder class
              writeCode.insertAt(1, Code.toString()); // Compilation is successful
              Class c = dyn.toClass();
              Dynamic h;
              Constructor[] ctorlist = null;
              ctorlist =  c.getDeclaredConstructors(); // Problem is here
              h = (DynamicSurrogate) ctorlist[0].newInstance(genericType);
              return h;


      Generated code is as follows



      testapp1.Customers temp=(testapp1.Customers)graph;


      But problem arises when getDeclaredConstructors is called c.getDeclaredConstructors() ... it throws the following error

      Exception in thread "main" java.lang.VerifyError: (class: testapp1/Dyn, method: processDouble signature: (Lsomething/Output;Ljava/lang/Object;)V) Inconsistent args_size for opc_invokeinterface

      A workaround exists but does not make any sense, i.e. everything works fine if i simply create a copy of the double array and pass it on to processDouble in dynamic codei.e. if the dynamic code is


      testapp1.Customers temp=(testapp1.Customers)graph;
          double[] d = temp.Dubs;


      n short , exception Unhandled is thrown by getDeclaredConstructor but it actually has nothing to do with a constructor because it doesnt matter if i create one or not

      Hopefully my problem and code is clear enough, if any confusion please do tell, Thankyou in advance