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    JBoss ESB performance test

    Pavel Drozd Newbie



      I prepared some performance tests with JBoss ESB. The test ESB Service contains of following actions:


      1. Message store to DB

      2. SOAP Proxy action with basic authentication

      3. Message store to DB



      If I run the test with 1 thread I had following results:

      1. Message store - 7 ms

      2. SOAP Proxy action - 7 ms

      3. Message store - 6 ms

      Total response time: 38

      I reached 25 transactions per second


      If I run the test with 120 threads I had following results:

      1. Message store - 32 ms

      2. SOAP Proxy action - 22 ms

      3. Message store - 19 ms

      Total response time: 169ms

      I reached 580 transactions per second.


      The ESB Service maxThreads was configured to 600, tomcat max threads was configured to 600, connections pools max threads was 200 (maximum 150 was used).


      Web service called by SOAP Proxy action was deployed on another JBoss server (on this server I can reach the throughput 2200 TPS - direct WS call from test clients, with response time about 20ms).


      Is it possible that the ESB overhead is too high? All Service actions was processed in 60 ms and ESB Service total response time was 150ms...


      Does anybody know what can be wrong, or if it is correct?