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    rich:treeNode nodeSelectListener not working.

    Shen B Newbie


      I am a newbie to Richfaces. I have to render data from database in tree structure & then should be able to perform operations like delete, modify (data contained in the node) on the tree nodes. Now, I have successfuly created the tree but not able to get the "nodeSelectListener" attribute of treeNode work. I have the method binded to this attribute which has the signature public void processSelection(NodeSelectEvent arg), but on selecting a tree node, the control never comes inside this method. I don't know what else to do?

      My requirement is that I should be able to delete or modify the selected node, so I think I can proceed with my req only if I am able to invoke this listener method, which I am not able to do.

      Please help! Any guidance or inputs on this would be appreciated greatly.


      Thanks in Advance.