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    JBPM5 or Drools ???????

    Marcelo Martini Newbie

      Good day,

                       I need to know, why did JBOSS  publishtwo different projects on its website, both JBPM5 and Drools?. Myquestion is this, Wich is the project that JBoss will continue?


      Thank you very much.

      Best Regards.


        • 1. JBPM5 or Drools ???????
          Plugtree Plugtree labs Newbie

          Marcelo, Drools and jBPM5 are different products. AFAIK both of them will be still active because they solve two different problems. Speaking of problems, what are you trying to solve? Perhaps we can guide you to choose the right one depending on your needs.

          • 2. JBPM5 or Drools ???????
            Kris Verlaenen Master

            Drools Flow, a sub-module of Drools, was indeed offering similar features compared to jBPM5.  Drools Flow and jBPM have merged however, and the Drools project is currently also using jBPM5 for their process requirements.  Obviously, the other features of the Drools project simply continue.


            So both projects will be supported by JBoss, however jBPM5 is the solution for business process execution and is used by Drools.