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    Announcing the creation of the Dynamic Service Provider sub-project




      One of the capabilities of RiftSaw is the ability to take a WSDL definition, deployed as part of a BPEL process deployment, and create a Web Service that represents the WSDL interface. Requests for this web service are then routed through to the BPEL engine to be handled, as defined by the BPEL process definition.


      This mechanism creates JAX-WS based web services, and therefore enables any JAX-WS compliant messaging layer to be used to present a web service interface on behalf of a BPEL process.


      It was felt that this capability could be used independently of the RiftSaw and BPEL use cases, and therefore we have separated out this capability. So any situations where web services need to be created on the fly, and have their requests directed to a generic service provider implementation for processing, then this sub-project may be useful. Version 2.3 of RiftSaw has been ported to use this separate sub-project.


      A new 'sub-projects' menu has been created on the RiftSaw homepage to reference the sub-project, which is located on its own page: http://www.jboss.org/riftsaw/dsp.html


      This page contains references to documentation and downloads. The binary distribution contains an example, showing how to create a dynamic service deployer in both a JBoss and Apache Tomcat container.