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    Misbehaving in rich:calendar according to showing time and c

    Roland Schöler Newbie

      Hi folks, currently I play around with rich:calendar. It's a very fast usable and intuitive component....with some small disappointments....8-}

      Please can you confirm, if the following two issues are bugs or wrong handling from my side:

      First Bug - timepattern:
      Usage of

      datePattern=dd.MM.yyyy hh:mm
      doesn't allow to change the time
      But if you change the time-pattern to HH - now it's possible to change the time, as shown in demo&pdf-guide
      (also it's misleading that the examples on the online demo allows this datePattern and show the timespinners)

      Second Bug - calendar week pattern:
      Usage of calendar week doesn't work with calendar.
      ww or WW - but correct displaying of the calendar week in the input/output Text, if showing date after page refresh

      Third Bug - defaultTime only with hours setting eg
      will provide JS-Exception in FireBug:

      missing } after property list
      resetMedia()(Document , "link")skinning.js.jsf (Linie 3)
      f()()skinning.js.jsf (Linie 4)
      [Break on this error] defaultTime:hours:12,minutes:0,\n

      I've taken the formatting patterns from SimpleDateFormatter of JDK - hope this is correct....and maybe this could be a note in the pdf-guide (especially beginners will thanks for that ;-})

      My environment:
      MyFace 1.2.5
      RF 3.3.1 GA
      JDK 1.6.0_11