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    ExtendedDataTable (or DataTable) with many SelectBooleanChec

    mohamed bathaoui Newbie

      Hello every body.
      I have an ExtendedDT wich contains records of some cards(that's my project).
      If i want, for example, to activate a card, i have to select a SelectBooleanCheckBox, if i want to reject it, i must select a neighbour SelectBooleanCheckBox(2 SelectBooleanCheckBox per record)
      When a SelectBooleanCheckBox is checked, the other must be disabled.

      The problem's when i write disabled="#{myBean.status}" (status changes its value on SelectBooleanCheckBox click), and i click on a SelectBooleanCheckBox(status=false), all the SelectBooleanCheckBox(!status=true) of the other records are disabled!!!!

      How can i make a click on a record SelectBooleanCheckBox, idependant on the others? I want to make the action on some records(validate or reject) not on all records.
      problem 2:
      There's a possibility to put in the header of the extendedDataTable a checkBox that de the action select/deselect all?

      Thank you!
      I'm really blocked..