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    I posted a fix to ExtendedDatatable javascript issues


      I posted my fix to the ExtendedDataTable javascript issues here.

      The issues fixed by my js override are:
      1. if you use IE and press the up key on the top most row there is a null pointer
      2. ExtendedDataTable on modalPanel causes null pointer on IE

      The process I use is to copy their js functions into my fix.js file and include that on ever page. My js file overrides some of their methods with code that works.


      BTW I am also overriding their renderer to remove all the stuff I don't want like column reordering, resizing, drag and drop and also the IMHO, ugly ajax processing image that appears when refreshing the table.
      This stuff is being used in dev right now but I will share it with anyone who wants it. Our speed is atleast twice as good as the out of the box ExtendedDataTable with these changes but the caveat is that you have to change the renderers and maintain them going forward.