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    execution path tools for Java app API analysis

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      I am working on a Java EE app running on JBoss 4.x which is heavily layered.  It becomes often difficult to conceptualize/visualize execution path to a certain method in a particular class.  Does anybody know of or use a tool that will dynamically show the execution path from your IDE (Eclipse, etc.)?


      e.g.  Class A method foo to Class B method bar to Class C method baz


      I currently have my IDE focus set to the class C method baz.  I want to see all execution paths (i.e. all interfaces/classes and methods in a diagram) that invoke method baz in Class C and those that invoke the calling method and those that invoke that calling method, ad nauseum.


      The concept is somewhat similar to the dependency analysis tool that the m2e plugin offers as a diagram in Eclipse for Maven.  aka dependency graph.


      I need this tool to work non-realtime (i.e. I should not have to start up the app server and exec test cases, etc.)


      Perhaps this is known as static analysis?