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    Custom icons, for some entity in search results, best aproach

    Rudolf Markulin Newbie



      i have a problem, that our customer wants that for some type of entity he can choose image, for instance


      ID |Car Name    |  Type of car|    Image of type

      1|Mercedes 3 |  Mercedes  |   image Of Mercedes type (uploaded by use)

      2|Mercedes 4 | Mercedes   |   Same image as above(uploaded by user)


      I want to know what is the best aproach to save this images. For now we have this images in database, and we are retrieveing them with a:mediaOutput. But i would like to switch h:graphicImage.

      And we would like that to have two caching mechanism. First when it is retrieved from database, that it does not took it twice.  This is easy.

      And about second im not sure, if we would use seam/resources, (src="/module/seam/resource/logo?1), will it gona be added to response twice or it will gona be cached?