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    java script errors in pick-list and calendar in 3.3.1

    Dwarakanathan Thiru Newbie



      I did various research in rich face version.

      I initially had a problem in closing modal panel component in IE8 using richfaces 3.3.0.

      The pick list and calendr worked well in richfaces 3.3.0 in IE8.


      And so, I upgraded to 3.3.1, and modal panel component close action worked very well.

      But the picklist and calendar components did not work and I get the following JS errors:


      1) labels is null or not an object (IE 8)  (calendar.js.jsf)

      2) Object doesnt support this action (ListBase.js.jsf)

      3) this.shuttletable is null or not an object (ListBase.js.jsf)


      Finally, i took the latest 3.3.3-final stable version. The issue got resolved.

      But my modal panel and autosuggest does not seem to work now.


      Any help is much appreciated in this regard.