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    Extensibility of jBPM console

    Sukalyan Aich Newbie

      Does the BPM console let the user make a state transition of a task. For example, say for the state transition: Task Assigned ---> Task Delegated, does jBPM (or jBPM5) provide such a facility to user to make a state transition  to a defined state (transiton to 'Task Delegated' state in this case) by clicking an action button on GUI?


      If the answer is no then please provide some insight on the flexibility of the jBPM console in order to extend it.


      Thanks in advance,


        • 1. Extensibility of jBPM console
          Kris Verlaenen Master

          A few state transitions are supported out-of-the-box currently:

          - completing a task

          - releasing a task

          - claiming a task


          The console still needs to be extended to support more advanced state transitions as supported by jBPM5 now.  This is something we would like to in the future but won't make it into the 5.0 release.  If you think you would like to help out on this, we would gladly accept any help.  This would mean the addition of a few extra buttons in the gwt-console user interface and extending the integration code to do the actual work.


          I can give you more detailed pointers if you're interested