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    Suggestions for monitoring downstream applications

    Brian Sellden Newbie

      This is a question about best practices, or even about some ideas about how to approach this requirement.
      We have a set of web services (SOA 5.0.2) that rely on services provided by enterprise applications such as billing

      and customer management.  We'd like to be able to determine the state of these back-end applications so that we can

      alter the behavior of our SOA services.  I know how to make the determination of availability of the various apps,

      but I don't know just how to alter the behavior of the SOA services.  I have an idea that there is a way to

      generate an event if an application switches from 'available' to 'unavailable', and to communicate that event to

      the SOA services.  It seems like there would be a way to make the current application states available to something

      like a drools rule that can be used to route incoming messages appropriately.
      As a brute-force solution, I could always just write the states to a database table and query the table for every

      incoming request, but that seems inelegant and not very friendly to the overall performance of the system.
      Am I thinking about this in the right way?  Any suggestions, pointers to documents or best practices are welcome.
      Relevant context:
      JBoss SOA 5.0.2
      2-node cluster (including clustered messaging)

      Thanks very much -