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    consumer ack/commit when not closing session

    Rudi Wirth Newbie

      Hi everyone,


      I've modified one of the hornet core API examples (attached) to reproduce something that I ran into by accident:

      * separate session for producer and consumer, both transacted sessions

      * producer send and commit

      * consumer receive, ack, commit

      * then, do not close the sessions. just exit


      If I run it once, the hornet broker mbean for the queue shows

      * "consumer count = 1", makes sense because session was never closed by client

      * "message count = 1", despite the above ack/commit


      run app again before broker cleans up session:

      * send, now 2 messages on queue

      * receive() can not receive a message until broker clears the session


      If I wait until the broker cleans up the session and then run the send/receive app again, all messages are consumed.


      If I use non-transacted sessions, it never dequeues anyhting from the queue, ever.


      What I don't understand is why a tx'd receive-ack-commit doesn't dequeue the message.


      Thanks much for any insight!