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    "service start" and "net start JBAS50SVC" is the same?

    Dan Dan Newbie

      Hi All,


      I just have the strange problem, they seems different to me.


      The story is that, to run Hudson on Jboss, I changed run.conf.bat a little, added this line to run.conf.bat

           set "JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -DHUDSON_HOME=E:\Hudson"


      I have installed Jboss as a windows service by "service install".


      What confusing me is that when I start Jboss by "service start" from console, the HUDSON_HOME config will take effect, but when I start Jboss by windows service, the config will not take effect.


      So, what does the service JBAS50SVC really do? It seems to me that it is not the same as "service start".

      Any help will be highly appreciated, thanks in advance!

        • 1. "service start" and "net start JBAS50SVC" is the same?
          Peter Johnson Master

          Dan, welcome to the JBoss forums!


          The only thing I can think of is that the run.conf.bat used by the service is not the one you edited. The service should be running "service start" when it starts, so the results should be the same.


          I recommend that you run Process Manager from sysinternals and look at the full command line used to run JBoss AS in each case. You could also comment out the "@echo off" statement in run.bat, then look at the run.log file to see what is going on.


          Also, I assume that you already fixed the issue where service.bat overrides JAVA_OPTS.