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    Configuration Export features wanted

    Benson Fung Newbie



      I have setup a RHQ in place to monitor 3 different instances of JBOSS app. server.  I have enabled certain metrics, metrics display time range, view chart under the graph tab for the monitoring.


      Right now, I would like to setup another RHQ on another country site with the same metrics enabled, same metrics display time range, same view charts under the graph tab for the monitoring.


      Is it possible to export the first configuration box and then deploy to another site with RHQ installed?    It is because the number of JBOSS instances will grow as time goes, therefore, the configuration effort will grow as well.  Therefore, I would to look for a quicker approach to duplicate the configuration into another RHQ site. 


      Please help.




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          Heiko Rupp Master


          I don't think there is a direct way to achieve this.

          You have some options here depending on the feature:

          - to have basic values for metric intervals/enablement and alerts you can use the templates on the admin page to set them once at server install time; they will then apply to all resources of the respective types that will be imported

          - the time range is user specific, so logging in as user once and setting it will be enough


          What will help you is the usage of the CLI - this may also help you with exporting some of the values (metric templates, alert templates, resource configurations) and then re-importing them to a new RHQ server install. Unfortunately the CLI does not yet allow to create AlertDefintions, which would be needed here