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    Looking for help evaluating JBoss

    Scott Urban Newbie

      Hello all,  I'm a newbie to the community and to JBoss however, I've recently been tasked to write a white paper on JBoss and to evaluate/recommend which version to go with and if it make since to go with the community version or the enterprise additon.  So, if you have any information you'd like to share I'd like to hear about it and if anyone knows of an existing white paper they could point me to I'd appreciate it

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          Nicklas Karlsson Master

          off the record - always go for the enterprise version if possible (i.e. you're not paying for it yourself). Noone will remember that you saved money if everything works fine but when there's problems, everyone will remeber it ;-)

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            Anders Welen Apprentice

            On the other hand the enterprise versions are often based on older versions of the different community projects  than the latest community versions. If you need the latest technologies the community versions is the way to go.

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              Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

              as Nicklas Karlsson noting it is a better feeling if you have the JBoss support behind.


              But at least it depends to what you want.

              In the past (and different companies) I worked with the community edition and all works fine.

              The installation was hosted within the company and the necessary uptime was not a 99,x% so it will be enough.

              Nevertheless sometimes it was difficult to get answers to questions and bugfixes. We spend time to learn and fix bugs by ourself.

              I'm not sure whether it was really cheaper than a EAP version with support ;-)


              In the current enviroment we have to ensure a 99% uptime and to ensure this we decide to have the JBoss support with the EAP version.


              Also I think the hot and newest feature is often not necessary in production.

              If you think about the compatibility it is possible to use community and EAP with the same application depend on the customer's wish.