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client libs maven coordinates

Michael Brackx Newbie

Perhaps the maven GAV's could be added to chapter 10 of the documentation.

(even if it is without versions)







Not sure what version of jnp-client is distributed, but that's the version from AS 6 final.



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    Robert Hook Newbie

    Amen to that.


    Is there any documentation of this, and if there isn't, and somebody knows, how can I assist in getting it documented. It really should be part of the Hornetq manual itself, and certainly on the project home page.

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    Andy Taylor Master

    feel free to raise a jira and someone will update the docs

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    Robert Hook Newbie

    I'm pretty sure there are already a bunch of Jira calls around this. Should I be making enquries via Jira instead? At the moment all of the documentation I've been able to find via Google-fu is pointing at old repos, or is just plain wrong. I'm definitely not the first person to ask this question, and would like to ensure that once an answer has been worked out, it doesn't get lost.


    And the magic, just so I don't lose it (and touch wood other people can find it).


    Documentation on JBoss and HornetQ Maven Repository, current in early 2012: https://community.jboss.org/wiki/MavenGettingStarted-Users


    jnp-client in the maven repository: https://repository.jboss.org/nexus/index.html#nexus-search;quick~jnp-client


    Specifying the correct repository in your pom.xml:



      <name>JBoss Public Maven Repository Group</name>



    And the current dependency for jnp-client:






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    davidmac Newbie

    I just opened HORNETQ-935 to request this.