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    strange Behavior of PicketLinkIDMOrganizationServiceImpl

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      the class org.exoplatform.services.organization.idm.PicketLinkIDMOrganizationServiceImpl (GateIn 3.2.0, JBossAS 5.1) works not as expected. If I use the standard configuration and set the option "ignoreMappedMembershipType" to true there will be no identity objects created in the database table "jbid_io". Deleting the option "associationMembershipType" it works as expected (even if "ignoreMappedMembershipType" is set to true or false).


      If I configure PicketLink to use a FallbackIdentityStoreRepository with a readonly LDAP IdentityStore just holding users and some attributes (PicketLinkIDMOrganizationServiceImpl configured with "ignoreMappedMembershipType" set to false and "associationMembershipType" set to "member") the manager memberships are stored in the database but are not shown in the membership list of a user. Deleting the option "associationMembershipType" I get a "HTTP Status 403" after login. The database content looks okay.


      I don't know if this is a problem of PicketLinkIDMOrganizationServiceImpl or a problem of PicketLink itself.


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