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    MetaMatrix LDAP Connector for Active Directory data source

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      Just want to check with community to see whether anyone has used MetaMatrix ldap connector to connect to Active Directory and extract the "Groups" data.


      I have tried to use MetaMatrix ldap connector to extract Groups from Active Directory and it works fine for some OU's.  But there are some OU's which has more than 1500 members in the group which requires paging through results of queries and current metamatrix ldap connector throws below error because some records for OU has member attribute name as "member;range=0-1499" and some has "member".  It is because the max number of results AD will return in a query is set to 1500, and some groups have more than 1500 members.  LDAP supports the ability to mitigate this limitation by paging through results of queries.  Looks like metamatrix ldap connector that we are using does not supports pagination in the LDAP results.


      com.metamatrix.jdbc.MMSQLException: Attribute member has no value

                at com.metamatrix.jdbc.MMSQLException.create(MMSQLException.java:71)

                at com.metamatrix.jdbc.MMSQLException.create(MMSQLException.java:52)

                at com.metamatrix.jdbc.MMStatement.setException(MMStatement.java:354)

                at com.metamatrix.jdbc.MMStatement.processMessage(MMStatement.java:448)

                at com.metamatrix.jdbc.MMStatement.executeSql(MMStatement.java:518)

                at com.metamatrix.jdbc.MMStatement.executeQuery(MMStatement.java:481)

                at com.metamatrix.jdbc.MMStatement.execute(MMStatement.java:418)

                at net.sourceforge.sqlexplorer.sqlpanel.SqlExecProgress.processQuery(SqlExecProgress.java:195)

                at net.sourceforge.sqlexplorer.sqlpanel.SqlExecProgress.run(SqlExecProgress.java:128)

                at org.eclipse.jface.operation.ModalContext$ModalContextThread.run(ModalContext.java:113)

      Caused by: [MetaMatrixException]Attribute member has no value

      1 [NoSuchElementException]Attribute member has no value

                at com.metamatrix.dqp.message.ResultsMessage.setException(ResultsMessage.java:272)

                at com.metamatrix.dqp.internal.datamgr.impl.ConnectorWorker.handleError(ConnectorWorker.java:181)

                at com.metamatrix.dqp.internal.datamgr.impl.ConnectorWorker.process(ConnectorWorker.java:156)

                at com.metamatrix.common.queue.QueueWorker.run(QueueWorker.java:51)


      In the model of Groups table,  we have configured Name In Source as "member" for the group member attribute and metamatrix ldap connector returns results from OU successfully ONLY if OU does not have more than 1500 members for any group.  Otherwise it throws above error.