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    How do I make AS6 Infinispan implement memcached?

    Jim Crossley Newbie

      Hi guys,


      I'm working on TorqueBox, and I would love for our Rails apps to be able to cache their data in Infinispan.  Because Rails has built-in support for memcached and because Infinispan implements memcached (awesome!), it seems like it should be easy.  But I can't figure out how to tweak the AS6 config to "turn on memcached".


      Assuming you can help me with that, I'm thinking the Rails app would configure itself to connect to the local memcached port, relying on infinispan to replicate the data to the other nodes in the cluster.


      Am I out of my mind here?  It'd be a huge win for us if we can make it work, especially if we don't have to write a lot of integration glue, and it doesn't seem like we would have to.


      Thanks for the help!