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    rich:extendedDataTable graphical problems

    Bob Mauranne Newbie

      Hello everyone !

      I am trying to use the rich:extendedDataTable component, and i have some trouble with it.

      My first problem is that all columns have fixed width, and as a result :
      - for some columns, the label is too long, so i can't acces the little sorting arrows
      - inside the cells, if the content is longer than the colunm width, i can't see the end.

      Is there a simple way to adapt the width of each colunm to its content, like in the rich:dataTable ?

      My second problem is my number of columns. I have over 40 columns in my table, so the table is longer than the page.

      I rewrited the "extdt-innerdiv" css class of richfaces to overwrite the "overflow-x: hidden;" of the parent div, because this div have inline style.

      But i still have a major problem : the last line of the table is masked by the horizontal scrollbar


      Could someone help me ? I hope i was clear enough.

      Thanks in advance