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    Some new component in RichFaces after 4.0.0 released

    Ilya Sorokoumov Master

      Hi Gyus,


      I just finished an evaluation of OpenFaces demo(I've already tried PrimeFaces before) and I think that some of components from the other libraries are very useful and I hope that one day you will add them to RIchFaces as well. But on the one hand everybody's interested in diferent features and on the other hand you guys are working very hard now and you have your own plans about RF future.


      I'm just wondering if it's possible to do some sort of voting in the following way:

      1) When RF 4.0.0 is finished and released you will create a discussion with basic plans for RF 4.x and with components which are going to be implemented.

      2) People like me will be able to post all their wishes about RF 4.x and all these useful components which are not in RF already and not in your plans.

      3) Then you can create some sort of voting to prioritise wished by community components and publish additional planes accordingly with this voting.


      I guess that you already have something similar to this in your practice. If so, please, could you write how it goes/works actually?