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    Problem with binding a component to a property

    Dmitry Volkov Newbie


      I,m trying to bind component like this:


      {code}<rich:panelMenu binding="#{sideMenu}"/>{code}


      If there is only one component of this type on the page, component isn't working. It looks like the resources are not initialized properly. If i add one more panelMenu, without binding, it's working as expected:


      {code}<rich:panelMenu />

      <rich:panelMenu binding="#{sideMenu}"/>{code}


      Is it a bug, or I'm doing somethig wrong?


      Environment: RF 4.0.0.M5, Glassfish 3.0.1, Mojarra 2.0.2 (FCS b10), Weld 1.0.1


      Thanks in advance.