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    Richfaces4: autocomplete converter not receiving value to convert

    Jérôme Jadoulle Newbie

      Hello everybody,


      in the scope of a proof of concept with JSF2 and Richfaces 4, I am using the <rich:autocomplete> component and I have some problems making it work the way I want.


      I am using the <rich:autocomplete> in this way:


      <rich:autocomplete mode="client" showButton="true" layout="table" autocompleteList="#{workflowDefinitions}"

           fetchValue="#{wfDefinition.label}" var="wfDefinition" value="#{multiCriteriaBean.basic.workflowDefinition}">

           <f:converter converterId="optionDescriptor"></f:converter>


                <h:outputText value="#{wfDefinition.label}"/>


                <a4j:ajax event="selectitem" execute="@this" render="selectedWorkflowId"></a4j:ajax>



      // Used just as a little debug mechanism: the a4j:ajax event will fire the conversion at change time and the converter will then be called

      <h:outputText id="selectedWorkflowId" value="#{multiCriteriaBean.basic.workflowDefinition.label}" />


      I have a converter defined like this:


      public class WorkflowDefinitionConverter implements Converter {



          public Object getAsObject(FacesContext facesContext, UIComponent component, String workflowDefinitionLabel) {

              for (OptionDescriptor currentWorkflowDefinition : WorkflowDefinitionProducer.getWorkflowDefinitions()) {

                  if (workflowDefinitionLabel.equals(currentWorkflowDefinition.getLabel())) {

                      return currentWorkflowDefinition;



              throw new ConverterException("WorkflowDefinitionConverter found no matching OptionDescriptor for ' " + workflowDefinitionLabel + "'");




          public String getAsString(FacesContext facesContext, UIComponent component, Object workflowDefinition) {

              if (!(workflowDefinition instanceof OptionDescriptor)) {

                  throw new ConverterException("WorkflowDefinitionConverter only works with OptionDescriptor objects");


              return ((OptionDescriptor) workflowDefinition).getLabel();



      What works:

      The workflowDefinitions are read correctly and displayed as one would expect (see Screenshot-01 given as attachement).  My converter also gets called when an item is selected.


      What does not work:


      The converter is not passed the string value to convert.  Instead, I just get the empty String (screenshot-02).


      Would you have an idea why it is the case?


      thank you very much in advance for your time and help!


      Jérôme Jadoulle