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    JBOSS 5.1, LogManager 1.2


      Dear reader,


      I'm looking for some advice about  using java.util.log inside JBOSS5.1.


      Our web application is using java.util.looging  to log some informations inside  a file  associated to this web application and described by using properties inside a file called logging.properties stored in a jar file from the war file.


      For what I've understand and seen, the LogManager (org.jboss.logmanager),  inside JBOSS 5.1, doesn't  load this properties file (see empty readConfiguration method).


      Then each attemp to log informations finally is written inside server.log.


      If I good understand, things will work differently inside JBOSS 6.


      Digging around, I saw a version caller 1.2 for the  LogManager.


      Don't know if it could be used with JBOSS5.1 but seems to allow better support of logging.properties.


      If it doesn't work, what would be the best way to adapt ou web application.


      Thanks in advance for your help.