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    SSO with multiple Portal Containers

    Bruno Teixeira Newbie

      Hello all


      I was having problems this morning enabling SSO with more than one Portal Container. Situation:

      - Default portal container with 'classic' portal

      - My custom portal container, with a portal named 'superportal'

      - Both portal containers authentified through the same remote CAS server

      - All in JBoss


      I managed to solve the issue, but I had to edit some classes. Turns out  CASAgent.java has a hardcoded address "/private/classic" :


      String serviceUrl = "http://"+ httpRequest.getServerName() +":" + httpRequest.getServerPort()
       + httpRequest.getContextPath() +"/private/classic";



      What I did is take the "/private/classic" out and replace with a parameter I pass from web.xml


      Now, has this been solved already with a more simple solution? If not, is there any way I can contribute this?