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    a possible feature for a4j framework

    Ilya Sorokoumov Master

      As I know a4j completely re-renderes specified by id DOM element with all its childs and thus if you are re-rendering too big piece of a screen user's screen can leap and user will definetly dislike this.

      Is it possible to implement some attribute/tag etc. which will force a4j to re-render page in more smart way?

      For instance:


      <a4j:someElement reRender(or render)="container" justValue="true"/>


           <h:inputText value="#{...}"/>

           <h:inputText value="#{...}"/>



      If a4j sees that justValue="true" then it refreshes only values of internal components(like with $("...").value();). Yes it will take more time because it should work with DOM tree and response in a more complicated way, but it can be very useful in some cases.



      Could it be "easily" implemented or it's too difficult and unneeded?