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    one admin console shared by serveral JBoss 5 instances


      An obvious performance enhancer is to undeploy admin.war from an instance. The drawback is that you than no longer have an admin console (). Looking at the tree structure of an admin-console, you'll notice that the toplevel branch is always the instance name. Questions:


      1. Can you setup (and how) an instance which monitors other instances in such a way that all the other instances are visible as branches in the admin console of that instance (in SUN we have a domain admin in which this is possible) ? The obvious pro is that now we have one admin console per JBoss-Server, monitoring other instances, and we can undeploy all the other admin.wars.
      2. Can you setup (and how) an instance which monitors instances on other JBoss Serverrs ?
      3. Can you setup such an environment in which it is easy to deploy to clusters and monitoring clusters ?



      In 3 I can feel an rhq coming up, but maybe it is also possible within the JBoss framswork itself.