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    Problem with process attribute and rich:datatable

    Joao Cunha Newbie



      I'm developing a richfaces3.3.final / jBossSeam 2.x application but I'm facing a problem regarding process attribute.

      The problem is:


      > I have an inputText(id="X") inside a rich:column, where the user can introduce some value.

      > outside the table I have one a4j:commandButton that has ajaxSingle="true" and process="X"


      but validation don't fire when I click the button. I've tried with other inputText components outside the rich:dataTable and it all works.

      Is this a limitation regarding process attribute or is there any other way to do it.

      Note that I can't use regions because between the dataTable and the button I have more fields that I don't want to validate.

      Thanks in advance and sorry for my english.


      Best regards