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    Using Infinispan with transaction manager on standalone code

    Sudheer Krishna Novice

      I am currently using spring JDBC  for Mysql database.  Also i am using spring transaction manager for maintaing database transactions.


      My business requirement is as follows


      I am planning to use JBoss cache as my caching layer . Any calls to the data Access layer shoudl first check if teh DAO are present in the cache , if not then has to query the cache. To achive this i am planning to write some custom code. Is there anything already inbuilt in infinispan ?



      Similarly whenever i commit anything  i want to ensure that data is commited into Mysql database(using spring jdbc) and the infisnispan cache is also updated  in a single transaction. Is this possible ?


      I do not much expirience on JTA but have used spring transaction management for handling database transactions.


      Any help is really appreciated ?