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    about <rich:toolBar>

    madhu reddy Newbie


      I want to change the default color of <rich:toolBar>.For this i specified the following code in theme.css file


      background: grey;

      but it is not changing the color.but when i specified in my corresponding xhtml file it is appling.In my xhtml file i used the following code.


      and i called that styleclass as

      <rich:toolBar height="26" itemSeparator="line" styleClass="dscolor">

      why by usind the predefined css class it is not applying.

      I also observed that some settings are predefined in theme.xcss file about <rich:toolBar>

      <u:selector name=".rich-toolbar a:link, .rich-toolbar a:visited, .rich-toolbar a:active, .rich-toolbar a:hover">
      <u:style name="color" skin="headerTextColor"/>
      <u:selector name=".rich-toolbar a:hover">
      <u:style name="color" skin="generalTextColor"/>

      Can any one explain me what this code specifies and how the color settings are applied and if i want to change the color settings where and how i have to specify.

      Please can any one help me in this.

      Thank & Regards