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    Unable to assign a task to Group

    shashi mhatre Newbie

      I am using sample BPMN process (Evaluation process) provided in jbpm-installer in this my test. I have changed to first human task node (Self evaluation) in process by removing the actor id #{employee} and added the entry to group id as "Employees". I have changed the roles.properties file in jboss/default/conf/props folder and added the "Employees" role to krisv and few other users.

      Now when i run my process, it runs successfully till self evaluation human task node and waits there for task completion signal. now when i login to jbpm-console as "krisv", I did not get any task in "Personal" or "Group" task view.


      I did verified the jboss console, it throws below error message


      16:20:50,484 INFO  [STDOUT] [2011:01:18 16:01:484:debug] Arguments : [[]]

      16:49:36,109 INFO  [STDOUT] No properties file: roles.properties found

      16:49:36,125 INFO  [STDOUT] [2011:01:18 16:01:109:debug] Message receieved on client : QueryTaskSummaryResponse

      16:49:36,125 INFO  [STDOUT] [2011:01:18 16:01:125:debug] Arguments : [[]]


      Not quite sure where i am missing, whether its jboss configuration issue or jbpm-console-server issue?

        • 1. Unable to assign a task to Group
          shashi mhatre Newbie

          I have resolved this issue, basically jbpm-console-server looks for user.properties and roles.properties in jboss default/conf directory. jbpm-console-server throws error for missing roles.properties file, if you have modified the login-conf.xml file of jboss for other security settings and provided the path for userProperties and rolesProperties module.