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    jBPM5 snapshot

    Kamil Šrot Newbie

      Hi all, Kris,


      First of all - I want to say, that I really like the design and appreciate your work! The application is amazing!


      Now to my question - I'm testing the latest snapshot of jBPM5 with guvnor integration. My usecase is as follows:

      - create simple process (start - user task - end)

      - deploy it using eclipse guvnor plugin along with forms and image (similar to screencast by Kris)

      - start the new process using jBPM console


      It sort of works, but I have several issues I'm unable to sort out by myself.


      - when I delete entry from KB (using eclipse), it disapears from the web interface (Guvnor repository), but I'm unable to put it back - eclipse says it already exists in the defaultPackage,

      - when I update process and rebuild the package, the changes in the process doesn't seem to go thru to the console, the console shows version 0 next to the process and the process seems to be unchanged,


      I'm not sure if I'm using it correctly, if I should fill bugreport or if it has been simply still working on...


      Any feedback is welcome, Thank you!

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          Kamil Šrot Newbie

          Strange, now the update does work... I don't know, what I have been doing. My appologizes.


          The delete/recreate issue is still valid - I understand, the file is in reality still there, but I would expect different behavior (overwrite confirmation? uh, even if the resource is deleted, it would make sense)



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            Kris Verlaenen Master

            The fact that you can't just delete and re-add a resource in guvnor is due to the versioning, as you don't really remove it, you simply remove it from the latest version, it still exists in older versions.  We know this is a limitation, we're looking at how we could allow you to for example reactivate a version you removed before.  You should however consider that in general you shouldn't override processes (as process instances might be executing using that definition), but rather add a new version of the process (e.g. include the version info in the process filename).


            Regarding automatic updating of the console when you update the processes, this is not activated by default.  When you create a session based on the process definitions in guvnor (using a KnowledgeAgent), you can decide whether you want your session to be automatically updated when guvnor is updated.  By default, this is currently not activated.  Note that restarting the jbpm-console will obviously make sure that the process definitions are reloaded from Guvnor, so that might be what you are seeing here.