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    JMS topic created through JMX no longer appears as JMS topic in JMX after restart

    Josh Allen Newbie

      I have created a JMS Topic through the JMX MBean whose interface is JMSServerControl, and subscribed to it with a durable subscription.  Without shutting down HornetQ, I looked in JConsole and was able to see this new topic both as a Core address with a bound queue representing the subscription, and in as a JMS Topic itself.


      However, after I restart HornetQ, this topic no longer appears as a JMS Topic when viewed via JMX.  It does still appear as a Core address with the durable subscription still bound as a queue, and in fact I can continue to publish and receive messages using this topic and the subscription, so it seems to be fine.  But I thought it was curious that it did appear as a JMS Topic in JMX for a while, but after a restart no longer appears for JMS-style management.


      Is that a bug?  Is this expected?  If I created the topic using any of the other ways of managing the server, would it continue to appear as a JMS topic manageable through the JMSQueueControl MBean?


      Many thanks,