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    How to keep rich:tree component state?

    Paul Ł. Newbie


      I found old discussion in Development part of forum abut rich:tree state: http://community.jboss.org/message/18354


      But the solution showed there uses TreeState class, which i cannot find in Richfaces4 M5 (maybe it was only in RF 3.x or is not migrated yet).

      There is no org.richfaces.component.state package ;/


      I would be grateful for any kind of information about it ;]

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          Paul Ł. Newbie

          After downloading milestone 6 i have checked the packages and there is still no TreeState class in there.

          Has the class name changed or maybe there's another way to keep rich:tree component state between navigating through pages?

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            Nick Belaevski Master

            Hi Paul,


            In RF4 you should bind 'expanded' and 'selection' to model beans explicitly using EL-expressions.

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              Paul Ł. Newbie

              Hi Nick,


              Could you give me a simple example on how to use these attributes?

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                Mark Burkatzki Newbie

                I have also problems to keep the state with rich:tree and I would highly appreciate an example.

                Maybe it is a good idea to integrate this example with the richfaces showcase? Thank you very much in advance.

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                  Ilya Shaikovsky Master

                  sorry guys.. too much on the team plates prior to Final. so have only simple samples where selection is get from selection change event.

                  and filled https://issues.jboss.org/browse/RF-10701 for specific demo.

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                    Abdeslam NASRI Newbie

                    I faced the same problem with refresh instability of rich:tree. I share with you so that may help anyway.


                    My solution goes deep in reconsidernig the coding of some core java classes in richfaces UI components. Mainly 2 classes AbstractTree.java and TreeRange.java in the package org.richfaces.component had to change. I also added an interface NodeExpansionState that should be implemented by the variable that holds the tree state in the session bean. I attach the sources to this reply.


                    First, define the tree node class  used by loadTree() method, for example:


                    public class NamedNode extends DefaultMutableTreeNode 
                        implements NodeExpansionState {
                        protected String type;
                        protected String name;
                        protected boolean expanded =false;
                        public String getName() {
                            return name;
                        public void setName(String name) {
                            this.name = name;
                        public String getType() {
                            return type;
                        public void setType(String type) {
                            this.type = type;
                        public String toString() {
                            return this.name;
                        public boolean isExpanded() {
                            return expanded;
                        public void setExpanded(boolean expanded) {
                            this.expanded = expanded;


                    In the jsf page where you define your tree:


                    <rich:tree id="tree"  var="node" keepSaved="true" stateVar="treeState" toggleType="ajax"  value="#{treeBean.rootNodes}" selectionType="ajax" nodeType="#{node.type}" toggleListener="#{treeBean.toggleNodeListener}">
                        <rich:treeNode > 


                    In your session bean, define the toggle listener:


                    public class TreeBean implements Serializable {
                        private List<TreeNode> rootNodes = new ArrayList<TreeNode>();
                        public void toggleNodeListener(TreeToggleEvent ev){
                            UITree tree = (UITree)ev.getSource();
                            NodeExpansionState nodeExp = ((NodeExpansionState)tree.getRowData());


                    You can even decide to set some nodes expanded by default by simply set Expanded to true when you create the tree in addNodes(...) method.