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    1.1.0.Final win-x64 package broken?

    Nicklas Karlsson Master



        I'm trying to run the win-x64 pre-configured apache2 I downloaded but it complains that there is no httpd.conf and so it appears to be. In conf where the linux-distibution has httpd.conf, magic and mime.types, I only see the default and extra subdirs and in conf/default/httpd.conf.in there are markers like ServerRoot "@@ServerRoot@@". Looking in the manual dir I see that all html docs are 1k in size and are only stubs.


      Something went wrong in the package generation?


      (the same appear to be true with the 32bit package)


      I tried running installconf.bat and it did generate a httpd.conf but it looked quite vanilla and didn't have the module confs mentioned in the quickstart and present in the linux distribution...


      got bat