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    Performance problems due to too many users registered?

    marco angheben Newbie

      Hi all.

      We are running a JBoss Portal 2.6.4 instance on an Oracle 10g database, and we are experiencing a lot of performance problems related to OutOfMemoryError and CPU saturation; in addition to this, the system is extremely slow when accessing the pages for user management in the Admin portal.

      Looking at the JBPM tables i found out that for each user registered existed a record in the JBPM_PROCESSINSTANCE table, with the END_field filled with the time the user had became active on the Portal.

      As extreme try to solve our problems we deleted all the ended process instances associated to the jbp_identity_validation_approval_workflow using the JBPM API to avoid encountering problems on the database constraints. This cleaning operation seems to solve all the problems we had, as you can see looking the image attached.

      Has anyone experienced a problem like this? Does anyone think a clean-up procedure like the one described above will be effective and harmless?