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    Enable JBoss used ports when server is fully up

    Cobber Liu Newbie

      We use a load balancer to redirect the traffic to 2 JBoss servers. The load balancer checks if the server is health or not by detecting if some ports on the JBoss is opened or not. The problem is that during the JBoss start up, it opens ports from time to time NOT at the end when the server is fully up and running. For example, if the load balancer is checking port 8080, JBoss starts this ports when the deployment is still in place. In this case, the load balancer has already started redirect traffic to this starting server... (Hopefully I explained the situation clear ).


      Could someone tell me if we can maybe modify something in the startup script or pass some parameters to let the ports open after the server is fully up and running?


      Thank you so much in advance!