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    How to set temporary folder of rich:fileUpload ?

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      On the document of Component_Reference.pdf of Richfaces4.0 M5 (http://docs.jboss.org/richfaces/4.0.X/4.0.0.Milestone5/Component_Reference/en-US/pdf/Component_Reference.pdf) at page 58 read:


      9.3. <rich:fileUpload>

      Files are uploaded to either the temporary folder (different for each operating

      system) or to RAM (random-access memory), depending on the value of the

      org.richfaces.fileUpload.createTempFile parameter of the  web.xml settings file for the

      project. If the parameter is set to true, the files are uploaded to the temporary folder.


      Now , if i set the parameter to true, what is directory pathname about the temporary folder ? And how to set the temporary folder, if necessary.

      Where can I get more information  about the Richfaces4.x Component?



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