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    Tree programmatically creation problem

    adam kanicki Newbie

      In docs creating HtmlTree is very simple. HtmlTee = new HtmlTree(); but how to connect it with tag on the page ? Who knows ? I have tried many options but nothing works.

      So, what is this class for when I can't use it. I can create with HtmlTree and HtmlTreeNode any tree, I can't set icon.

      It seems it should be

      class SomeBean
      HtmlTree tree;
      // Tree creation and so on
      public createTree()
      //create tree and set icons for them
      public HtmlTree getHtmlTree( return tree; }

      and on page

      <rich:tree binding="#{someBean.tree}"/>

      and it should be fine, but it isn't.

      I've spent many time on forum and source code of richfaces demo and internet but I still don't know how to use it.