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    Problem with rich:inplaceInput

    Peter Schütt Newbie


      during my migration from JSF 1.2 / richfaces 3.3 to JSF 2.0 / richfaces 4.0 I have problems with rich:inplaceInput.



                                          id="myAttId" minInputWidth="60px"



                                          render="userRegion" immediate="true">

                                          <a4j:ajax event="change" render="userRegion"/>



      This control does not react to "Enter" after finishing the input.

      The changing of myBean.myAtt is never invoked.

      When I remove the a4j:ajax tag nothing changed.


      As a workaround I use now


          <h:inputText id="myAttId" value="#{myBean.myAtt}" size="4" disabled="#{!myBean.admin}" render="otherControl">

                  <a4j:ajax immediate="true" event="change" render="otherControl"/>



      This works but it does not look as nice as rich:inplaceInput  ;-)


      Thanks for any hint.



        Peter Schütt