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    Date Sorting for the format MM/DD/YYYY using the <rich:column> tag

    Harish Ashwathnarayan Newbie



      I'm very new to Rich Faces. I desperately need help.

      I have a columns which holds date values in the format MM/DD/YYYY, when i do a sort on this column, this sorts only by MM/DD, year is getting considered.


      <rich:column  width="13%" sortBy="#{bean.dateList}" >                                  

      <f:facet name="header" ><h:outputText value="Implemented Date"/></f:facet>                                  

      <h:outputText value="#{bean.dateList}"/>                       




      The datatype of the dateList is String. I tried converting into java.util.Date, the soerting works very good for this, but the format will not be MM/DD/YYYY.


      I need to retain this format for date and have the sorting facility. Please help!!!