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    How to define context-root or URL for web service?

    Heiner Lamprecht Newbie



      I would like to define the URL under which a web service is reachable.  My web service is based on a stateless session bean.  I know, that there is the @WebContext annotation, but I would like to keep my code free from any JBoss specific things.


      The session bean/web service is implementen in a JAR file, which then is included in an EAR file.  In fact, I have several JAR files, some of them implementing their own web services.  All of them are included in the EAR file.  This EAR file is project specific, and I would like to define the URL (or at least the context root) in that file, leaving the JAR file untouched.


      Is such a solution possible?  If yes, how can I achieve that?


      Thanks and best regards,