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    jBPM 5 Architectural overview

    Brian Wallis Master


        There was a very interesting post nearly a year ago about the new jBPM5 project. It included some architectural overview and description of components, etc. http://community.jboss.org/wiki/jBPM5RequestforComments


      I was wondering how much of this is going to be realised in the first release of jBPM5 (it looks like a lot of it will be in jBPM5). It would be great to get an updated version of something like this overview that reflects exactly what will be in the first release and how it will all fit together.


      Perhaps this could be a good first candidate for a jBPM wiki update. It is time that there was a "jBPM 5" heading in the wiki!


      Of course the more detail the better at this level particularly for those like me who are trying to get their head around how jBPM can be integrated into their environment.