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    Migration from 4.2 to AS 6 - switch to IIOP in AS 6 ?

    Thomas Nagel Newbie

      Hi Co-Developers,


      sorry if this is a FAQ, but in the huge pile of details that changed in AS 6 I couldnt find a short major changes list.


      We have are working on an EJB2 App that is currently running on an AS 4.2.1

      To keep in pace with the rest of the world we have long planned to switch to AS 5, but then noticed AS 6 was already final,

      so we decided to set track to AS 6 instead.


      On AS 4.2.1 the app consisted of a set of several WARs and one EAR. On AS 6 this wouldn't deploy, the naming wasn't accepted by the server,

      so i moved the separate WARs into the EAR, then it did. Most of the code now runs just fine.

      Accessing resources from the (formerly separate) WARs seems to be different now, however, files contained in the WAR aren't found anymore.

      Has the path of a servlet changed in AS 6?


      I noticed also that the jndi.properties changed from AS4 to AS 6, it now seems to use IIOP while it used to be JMP. What are the consequences for an application?


      The other thing that doesnt work are MDBs. Obviously it has to do with the change to HornetQ.

      In AS 4.2 we used jbossmq, over a non-standard dataset, and configured the access in the conf/login-config.xml.

      This seems to be difficult for HornetQ. Has anyone seen a hint how to connect HornetQ with an SQL database?


      so far so good. i'll keep you informed.


      Regards from Germany,

      Thomas Nagel