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    rich:fileUpload "Transfer error occured" using flash

    Stefan Meissner Newbie

      Hi everyone!

      I'm not sure whether this post is right here on page. If not please feel free to move it.

      Currently I'm really desparate with the rich:fileUpload. My RIA is based on JSF 2.0.3 and Richfaces 3.3.3.Final running in a JBoss 6.0.0.Final Application Server. For file upload I'm using the rich:fileUpload component. So far it is working well. But when I turn on flash ("allowFlash=true") the upload breaks and the message "Transfer error occurred" appears. I have checked all log files I found, additionally I have included a rich:messages component, but I haven't found any log message which would display what is wrong. Can somebody help me? Thank you!